IT as a hobby

A lot of people dream about having their hobby as their work. I am in this situation – my hobby is my work. I work with IT, and this has been my hobby since beginning of the 90’es. In the middle of the 90’es I had my first job within IT. IT is though not just IT. There are many different disciplines. I am what is known as a System Administrator. I install, configure and maintain infrastructure – Servers.

My interests are though very diverse. I prefer to call myself a generalist. I was once given the task to specialize myself as a generalist. As a generalist I do know a lot about various disciplines within IT, but I may not be a 100 Yard expert in all of them.

Many years ago friends came by to have their PC fixed by me. This took just about all my valuable spare time. I have therefore told my friends, that I’d do anything they ask for, but I cost over 150,-£ / 200,- $ per hour. Since then it has stopped. I have not time to do what has my own interest.

My personal favourite within IT is development of Webpages. This is also the reason why you can read this page. My goal is not to make the most sophisticated pages with tons of information. I try to keep things simple for the reader, but still use many different technologies to make the experience for the user the best. I will not bore you with a description of the technology behind these pages. Fact is though that I, due to my hobby, am able to talk to developers at a rather high level. It even happens that I can suggest solutions to various problems.

Unfortunately does my “Mistress” not share my interest for IT. I can repair her PC, but apart from that I am to limit the time I spend in front of the monitor. I guess that is OK – otherwise I’d spend all my valuable time in front of the monitor – and there are still so many other things to do in life than just IT



Torsten Agerholm Laursen

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