Exporting a car to Germany

Please note, that this was written in the beginning of 2013. Laws change, and the validity of this can therefore not be granted.

Originally this was written to help Danes moving to Germany, to take their car with them. Procedures for bringing a car out of your country - honestly I have no idea. What is written here is what you have to know about bringing the car into Germany - not bringing it out of your country.

The condition of the car

To get the car to Germany it has to pass TÜV. It may be, that your car is checked in your country, but that does not mean, that it will pass TÛV. Changes are though that if it passed in your country it may also relatively easy pass TÜV. Minor changes may have to be made. To my knowledge you need to make sure 3 things are prepaired before you even consider driving to TÜV. First of all you need a first aid kit. You can get this at ADAC for a reasonable price. Luckily this isn't going to cost you a whole lot of money. Note these have an expiration date. TÜV takes that quite seriously. So please check. Next thing is that at least one safety west hast to be in the car - but you might as well buy just as many as there are seats in the car. Make sure they are easily accessible. TÜV like that. Finally - if you have a trailer, you car has also been modified to be able to pull that thing. Now make sure this "thing" has a sticker telling what you are allowed to pull. This Sticker has to be placed so it can be easily seen.


To get the car into Germany you need a COC document. If you haven't got it - go to your car-dealer and let him get it for you. It will take up to 14 days to retrieve.

You need to bring your registration papers. This will prove, that the car isn't stolen. Without - forget bringing the car. If there are any reason to think the car has been stolen it has to be checked. This will be don by the Kraftfahrbundesamt.

Do get a piece of paper from your insurance company telling how many years you have driven without any kind of accidents. This is the most important paper you have. You may be asked to use a special form generated by the new insurance company. If you haven't got one, you will be placed in a very expensive group when you get a new insurance.

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