Photos lie. Photos do only show part of the reality. You have no idea what went on before and you will never find out what happened shortly after. A photo shows only a moment in time – not the real thing. This though does not change the fact that photos can be wonderful, beautiful and fascinating.

I had my first digital camera in 2004. It was in the early days of digital photography. I did not want to make any compromise. I bought a camera which those days was known as a semi-professional camera – an Olympus Z4040. It might be that the camera was semi-professional, but my pictures weren’t good at all. It did not hold me back. I kept taking pictures. It is something which has to be learned – and today – I still haven’t learned it. But I have my fun running around taking pictures of this and that. And that is what count. Having fun!

Over the years I’ve come to combine two of my hobbies. I dive and I take pictures. It only has one disadvantage. The price tag on the equipment needed is ridiculous high. Nothing can justify the price of the equipment needed. When you hear sales persons trying to justify the price tag, you know that someone is earning more money than they should. It is all about income optimizing.

All this does not change the fact that I enjoy taking pictures. I carry a ton of equipment when going on vacation, but I do that with pleasure. I do every time hope that I will return with that single picture which will be better than everything else seen. I have even reached the point, that I’m missing something when diving if I haven’t brought my camera.

I have stayed with my favourite brand – Olympus. My camera is not the newest on the marked. But it does what I want it to do and I do not need 40 MPixels. I have 10 of them and that is more than sufficient for me. I enjoy that my network drive at home does not fill up after every vacation. As long as the UW housing manages to keep the water out I’ll keep the camera and just put money aside for the next.

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