Torsten A. Laursen

Torsten A. Laursen

Welcome to my room on the Internet. I will here try to give a short description about myself and give you the opportunity to read some of my tiny small web pages which I code during the cold winters. As you have probably guessed by now I’m the initiator of this domain. Many people spend their evenings in front of the TV. I’ve dropped that a long time ago – at least almost. As a kid I got to see more TV than most, and I think I have had my share. I bought my first TV when I was 48. When I look in TV Programs, I get a total depression. There is hardly anything worth seeing. Often I’d claim that you get stupid watching what is offered. Therefore I prefer sitting in front of my PC trying to be a bit creative.

Apart from that I assume you have realized by now that SCUBA diving is one of my big interests. There are people who would claim that it is a passion. In the 80’es as I went to college I needed something which could remove my focus from the books for a shorter period of time. As a kid I had read all the books from Hans Hass and of course also seen all the TV shows from Jaques Coustau. Yes – I wanted to learn to dive. Shortly after I started my studies, the local dive club started a SCUBA diving course for beginners – and I was in! Honestly – in the beginning I wasn’t that active. But I still managed to find a lot of new friends and furthermore I did succeed removing my focus from the studies from time to time. Today I am fairly active when it comes to diving. At least as active as my work allows. If I get a call, it doesn’t take long for me to pack my car and get going. The purpose is still the same as it was in the beginning. It is a way to remove focus from the daily business and a way to find friends. The time I spend under water is pure meditation.

Over the years I have found a new hobby in photography. Again I have to be honest and say, that I’m a total catastrophe, but I have my fun doing it, and that is what counts. I’ve now started to combine two hobbies as I now also take photos while diving. This has resulted in many wonderful vacations, and I do hope there are more to come.

There are many who claim that I was bit by my car. I do not agree on that. I may have a special relation to my car but that’s it. Here on these pages you will find informative things about some of the cars I’ve owned. Please do have a look on my pages about my rock solid Hondas.

As a kid I was taught how to play the organ. If I may say so – I was damn good at playing that thing. Unfortunately as I started my studies there was no time for this – and my home wasn’t big enough for that instrument either. I kind of forgot everything about it. In 2009 I decided to start again. Bought myself a Yamaha Tyros 3 and started to get in shape again. I’ve failed in that. But I can still play and on these pages you will find an example or two. I hope you like them.

I do hope you will find your fun reading these pages. At least I have had my fun creating them. On top of this page you will find links to the entire domain. If you at any time should find your way back again you are of course welcome. The pages will be kept up to date.

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