Moving to Germany

In 2010 I was hit by destiny. I ran into a woman from Germany. Chemistry between us appeared to be good, but a distance of 650 km between us did though become a barrier which we needed to do something seriously about. We soon decided live under the same roof. Question was though - who has to move. The question was relatively easy to answer. I speak German and my Girlfriend does not speak one word Danish. I had to pack.

To make a long story short, we decided that it was time for me to start looking for a job in Germany. When I got a job - which I never thought could take all that long (this turned out to be a point where I was terribly wrong), I was to move south. In 2013 I finally had a bit of luck on my side, and I got a job. Through these pages here, I want to tell you what you have to go through to move to Germany.

What I write here is what I had to go through in 2013. Legislation can change, so who knows - things might not be the same the day you want to do the same. What I write here is therefor without any kind of warranty!

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