As a young boy I was known to be the “fat boy” in the class. I will not claim that I was humongous, but I had a few pounds to many – no doubt. Later as I changed school I got a new (used) bicycle which should turn out to be a one of a kind good bicycle. I had myself a new hobby which I this day enjoy as much as then.

In the beginning I just drove a few miles here and there, but later on the distances became longer. Most importantly – I was faster and faster. I burned calories and soon had a body shape which for my age was quite impressing. This gave me a lot of self-confidence.

I started to race against others. I couldn’t have a bicycle in front of me. I participated in races for armatures and had a 2nd place as my best result (out of 4…). But I was hooked and drove on with myself as my worst competitor. At the end of the 80’es I reached my peak. I managed to keep an average speed of about 40 km/h over longer distances. Over time focus has become distances and not speed.

Today I have a simple racer. It is nothing special and it suffers a bit when I push myself to the limit. It is simply not build for this kind of driving. But it was cheap. In the Wintertime I mount the bicycle on a TACX Bushido trainer and during summer I drive around the area where I live. This way I try to stay in shape. Not that I’m 100% successful, but I’m satisfied with my results – and that is the most important.

When I drive together with my “Mistress” distance is way more important than speed. We want to see something. It is a wonderful way to learn the country to know where I live now. Germany does in general not have an infrastructure suitable for bicycling. There are though many beautiful routes along rivers which are gorgeous. You learn people to know. We try to drive around 100 km per day. When were done, I do though grab the racer and hit the road again to get some speed in the legs.

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