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When I was 8, the family bought an Organ. My sister had asked and begged for a keyboard, but if we were to have an instrument in the house, my dad said it had to be an organ. My sister and I were sent to a music school (once a week for an hour) and it didn’t take long to realize that my sister had more talent than I. We learned to play after the known “Pointer System”. My sister gave up after 10 lessons, but I kept going for quite a few years.

The first organ was rather simple from the company “Elgam”. The next was the same brand, but quite a bit bigger (and better). The third was from the Dutch company Solina (F217). A beautiful instrument with some astonishing sounds. My personal favourites were the strings and the pan flute.

When I became 18, I moved from my parents to start my studies. I had a tiny small apartment, and there was no way to fit that huge instrument into that tiny small room of mine. When my studies were done I moved every so often, so it did not make much sense to take it with me here either. At some point my parents decided to give the organ to my sister who then again after a few years gave it to the boy scouts. I hope they have found a new home for this impressive instrument.

Many years had to pass before I wanted to start playing again. I was in the mid 40’es when I decided to give it a go again. I decided to go after a keyboard, and it had to be one of the better ones. After a few month of thinking I decided to buy a Yamaha Tyros 3. A beautiful instrument which unfortunately can do about 100 times more than I will ever learn. And that is perhaps the biggest disadvantage. I feel ashamed when I play the thing simply because I can’t use it properly. I haven’t found a school yet where I can be taught how to use it. So it kind of collects dust here where I live.

I have though still managed to get a bit back “in shape”. One of the more cool things about a modern keyboard is that it is possible to record music. I have below here inserted links to a few pieces of music I have recorded. Yes I know there are more errors per minute than can be expected, but the goal is not to show how well I play, but more to show what the keyboard can sound like.


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Christmas Music

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